The Nether Portal


The Nether Portal is an embodiment of the question of what would happen if in another part of the world there was a portal that connected the world and the nether dimensions, of course it would be a fun adventure and war.

What would it be like if that dimensional portal really existed and made all the unknowns connected, it would probably be an incredible mess, but still awesome.

This world is very large and suitable for large-scale battle arenas, it takes quite a long time to explore this world in survival mode. 

It seems quite difficult to get the same graphical experience in Minecraft Bedrock, that's why a world version of Minecraft Java has been released.

Note: You can download from the link below this post


The attractions that are the advantages or points of interest of this map. Below is an in-game screenshot using shaders Chocapic 13


These are activities you can do based on recommendations

1. Create a project

2. Explore the world

3. Make this world better

4. Minecraft virtual tourism

5. Play minigames

6. PVP

7. Create a dungeon

Why do you have to download this map?

There's nothing to lose to try this World for free, at least we believe we can make you happy with the time you put aside to download this Map.

What kind of file format?

There are three file formats available in this World, namely McWorld.

What is the size of this file?

For Minecraft Bedrock (2.93 MB)

For Minecraft Java (8.10 MB)

How to download?

If you are still confused, especially new to this, you can read this post

How to use it?

Complete guide on how to use it is listed in this post

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