If you are still confused and want to find out more you can read this post, which contains frequently asked questions, rules, and various other important information.

Who developed this project? 

EuForia Team

How to download and use the Minecraft project?

Check Tutorial

Can I use the project listed here as creative content? 

Of course, it's okay as long as it's not for business

Why are you sharing this for free?

I believe that everyone is allowed to enjoy

What is Home page?

The front face of this website

What is Articles page? 

Is a page that contains interesting reading content related to Minecraft, which can be in the form of tips and tricks, tutorials, guides, information, updates, and various other Minecraft content

What is Download page?

Is a page that contains Minecraft related projects developed officially by the EuForia Team, projects can be in the form of Worlds, Addons, Skins, Textures, and so on

What is FAQ page? 

Page containing frequently asked questions and rules

What is About Us page? 

Information about the team behind this project

What is Connect With Us! page? 

A page about what we are connected to and how to get you connected.

How do I find out about the privacy policy?


By visiting this website, it means that you agree to the applicable rules and are ready to accept the consequences

Do not steal and claim any content in any way

Prohibited from using it as a commercial, because we made this project for our mutual pleasure

It is prohibited to publish content here on any platform, if you want to share content here you can use the share feature

It is prohibited to use the content here as a business, if you are a content creator, you are allowed to use the project here as content material, no need to include attribution (Creative Commons License)

It is prohibited to sell content that is here anywhere

Be wise in comments, we can delete your comments

All actions that are detrimental to us are strictly prohibited

Use our content wisely

The consequence of using our content as a business (Public Server, Selling, etc.) can be in the form of taking the profit you get from our content. If you use our content for creative purposes according to the creative commons license, it is allowed on the condition that attribution is not required

The rules can change at any time without prior notification for our purposes