About Us


EuForia Project is a dream that we built to create a fun world, we started from something we could do, which is to create a world in Minecraft. The team that developed this is called EuForia Team led by EuForia AlHaQ

In our current project, we try to create unique and interesting Minecraft worlds, addons that add to the playing experience, textures that create new sensations, and creative skins.

The content we create is original without stealing content from other creators because we know how difficult it is to create content.

So please, never steal any content, claim it, or publish it because it all takes a lot of effort and struggle.

If there are still questions try to visit this page FAQ 

By visiting this website, it means that you agree to the applicable rules and are ready to accept the consequences

Our team consists of the following:
-    EuForia AlHaQ (Leader)
-    EuForia AXella
-    EuForia UnKN0wN21

We have just started to grow bigger and stronger, therefore we need your support by sharing this site with your friends so that we are better known.