Ultimate Acid Island V.1.3


Tired of the usual acid island? Let's try Ultimate Acid Island made by us, the concept we use is the same as the skyblock version, which is full economy and various other interesting features, if you have never tried Ultimate Skyblock we recommend trying it first to understand the concept.

We add a buying and selling mechanism, as well as spawners, shops, quests, and other aspects to the economy.

This world was created for those who enjoy Acid Island, because most Acid Island maps available on the internet lack economic features; therefore, if you enjoy the buying and selling system, you should try this map.

The guide for completing this game can be found in the game's Guidebook.

The economic system we are referring to is the EuForia Market Economy (EME) system.

There are five main shops here. The first is the purchasing system, where you can buy a variety of basic items as resources. The second is the sales system, where you can sell the processed resources to obtain emerald. Finally, there is the currency system. Money can be exchanged into larger or smaller units in this system.

There is also a Mob Collector shop where you can buy spawners as well as various mobs, animals, pets, monsters, and so on. The final one is Quest Master, where you can purchase End Portal and Ender Eye to complete this Acid Island.

Note: You can download from the link below this post


- Version 1.3.0

1. Better water detection

2. Boom

3. Better Addons

- Version 1.2.0

1. Command block output bug

2. Pixel Craft

3. Better starter kit


1. Custom Island with dangerous toxic water.

2. Global Minecraft Currencies here you can exchange currency.

3. Big Madam a shop feature that can buy saplings, seeds, dye, resources, etc.

4. Father of Villager here you can sell more than 45+ items.

5. Mob Collectors this feature allows you to purchase more than 25+ spawn egg mobs and spawners.

6. Quest Master to win this game, you have to go to the end and defeat the ender dragon.


1. Survive on Acid Island

2. Playing with the economic system

3. Create a survival project

4. Creating plantations and agriculture

5. Can make a house on the ocean, mob grinder, garden, semi-automatic farm, full-automatic farm, spawners, and others 

6. Get rich in this Acid Island 

7. Survival with friends

Why do you have to download this map?

Most of the world Acid Island maps that circulate on the internet have few economic features, so if you want to try a map that is based on the economic system, you must download this one.

What kind of file format?

There are three file formats available in this World, namely McTemplate, McWorld, and Zip.

What is the size of this file?

For McTemplate (1.21 MB)

For McWorld (1.21 MB)

For Zip (1.24 MB)

How to download?

If you are still confused, especially new to this, you can read this post

How to use it?

Complete guide on how to use it is listed in this post

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