How to Download

Actually to download McWorld, McTemplate, McAddon, McPack, and Zip from this website is very easy, for those of you who are used to downloading Minecraft Bedrock content will immediately understand, but this post is still made because there may be laypeople who don't understand.

Here is a simple guide

1. First you click download at the bottom of the post, an example of the download link is (DOWNLOAD ULTIMATE SKYBLOCK MCWORLD)

2. You will be automatically directed to a link like this and here's how it looks

3. Click on the free access button then you will be directed to the MediaFire link

4. Just click the blue button that says Download and wait for the process to complete

5. If it is like this, it means that the download process is complete, you can check it in the download section

6. Please enjoy our project

If you are confused about Linkvertise and Mediafire, please read below

Linkvertise is similar to other link ads such as, etc. its function is the monetization of the download link from Mediafire, that way we can benefit from advertising to develop this website even more.

Mediafire is similar to google drive, its function is as a cloud to store files so you can download our project.

By downloading our project, it means you help us to develop the EuForia Project even bigger, why do we need funds? it is necessary for future resources.

Don't forget to read the FAQ because there are rules, by visiting this website it means that you agree to the rules that apply and are ready to accept the consequences

Don't understand what McWorld, McTemplate, McAddon, McPack, and Zip are? you can read it here