What is McWorld, McTemplate, McAddon, McPack, and Zip?


Still confused about the file formats McWorld, McTemplate, and Zip? please read this post.

Broadly speaking, in Minecraft Bedrock the McWorld and Mctemplate formats are the formats for installing world automatically, while McAddon and McPack are the formats for automatically installing addons, while the Zip format is a compression format and manual installation.

In order to open McWorld, McTemplate, McAddon, and McPack file formats you must have the Minecraft Bedrock game first, while to open Zip files you must have an application or software that can uncompress zip files.

let's discuss in detail each format

What is McWorld?

McWorld is a file with the format ending (.mcworld) which is the result of compression of Minecraft files in the form of World, when you open this file and already have the game Minecraft it will automatically install files world Minecraft Bedrock.

What is McTemplate?

McTemplate is the result of compression with the suffix files (.mctemplate) which contains Minecraft files in the form of world templates, the same as McWorld, this type of file will automatically install when opened, but the difference is that the content contained is Template World, while McWorld is World only.

What is McAddon?

McAddon is a compressed format of Behavior Packs and Resource Packs (Minecraft Bedrock Addon) files, it has similarities with McWorld and McTemplate, only the difference is the contents of the files, namely Addon (Behavior and Resource Packs). Suffix the format files (.mcaddon)

What is McPack?

McPack (.mcpack) is almost similar to McAddon, the difference is that these files only have one of the files from Behavior Packs or Resource Packs, usually, this format is used for Shaders or Textures

What is Zip?

Is an archive file format which is a compression of files, in this case, Zip contains files that can be Template World, World, Addon, Texture, or Shaders, to open this type of file you need software or an application that can unpack Zip

Zip VS McWorld, McTemplate, McAddon, and McPack 

If using McWorld, McTemplate, McAddon, and McPack formats are easier and more practical, why are Zip files still needed?

For us the main reason why Zip is still needed is because sometimes there are bugs where the four MC formats (McWorld, McTemplate, McAddon, and McPack) cannot be opened and are not installed correctly, therefore Zip-based format is important to avoid this. 

Besides that as far as we know the four MC formats above can only contains one project each, for example the McWorld format can only be used for 1 World, whereas in Zip we can store more than that

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