EuForia Parkour Mechanism


EuForia Parkour Mechanism is an addons designed to enhance the experience of Minecraft Parkour Maps. One example is the checkpoint which is the most interesting feature, to see other features please scroll down.

Are you bored with parkour just like that? Why not try using these addons to improve the quality of the game?

The mechanisms contained in these addons are numerous and meet your parkour needs, of course. To find out what features or mechanisms are available, you can read them below.

If you are a creator of Minecraft parkour maps, then this addon is perfect and destined for you. Not only that, if you are the owner of the Minecraft Bedrock server, then these addons are also suitable for minecraft parkour servers

Note: You can download from the link below this post

This Parkour Mechanism is intentionally not crafted, this is because for security, so that not all players can use or craft it if you install this addons in realms, you can get every mechanism through creative inventory and use /give euf:epm_(name)


- V.1.0 - Mechanism: Checkpoint, Parkour Block, Parkour Slab, Parkour Glass, Parkour Stair, Fake Block, Trap Block, Parkour Point, Lucky Block, Death Block


1. Checkpoint

The checkpoint mechanism is a feature in the form of a block where if a nearby player steps on the block it will become the spawnpoint, so if the player dies, it will spawn at that location.

2. Parkour Block, Parkour Slab, Parkour Stair

Parkour Blocks, Slabs, and Stairs are blocks that function as parkour navigation or directions, also these blocks can shine.

3. Fake Block

The parkour game really needs a challenge, so we added a Fake Block feature where if a player steps on it, the block automatically disappears,

4. Trap Block

Trap Block is a block that if a player steps on it, it will automatically get impacts such as blindness, slowness, and many other trap effects.

5. Start Parkour & Stop Parkour (Still under development, please don't use this feature)

Start Parkour and Stop Parkour are blocks that function to use the Timer feature so that players can find out the time they spent completing the Parkour, also serves as a time challenge.

6. Parkour Point

With this addons you can add a point or score feature, the Parkour Point block will automatically turn into Parkour Glass if it has been claimed (Stepped on by player).

7. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a feature where if a player steps on the block it will automatically add a boost, but there is also a small chance for bad luck, namely getting a nausea effect.

8. Death Block

To make Parkour very challenging, it is necessary to have a new obstacle, namely the Death Block which if you step on it will automatically die.

9. Parkour Glass

All blocks that can be claimed or triggered only once such as Parkour Points will automatically turn into Parkour Glass so they cannot be claimed again.

10. Jump Pad (Coming Soon!)


1. Create a parkour map

2. Improve the quality of parkour experience

What is EuForia Project?

EuForia Project or euforiaproject  is a dream that we built to create a fun world as euphoria project. We start from making creations in Minecraft. Other names related to EuForia Project are EuForia, EuForia Team, euforiaproject,, EuForia World, and others.

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Are you bored with parkour just like that? Why not try using these addons to improve the quality of the game?

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