EuForia Overpowered Weapons


EuForia Overpowered Weapons is an addons created by the EuForia Project with the aim of presenting a variety of crazy and deadly weapons for the purpose of having fun. 

Do you need a very overpowered and interesting weapon? Then this addons is your destiny. Because these addons are designed to be as crazy as possible and there are weapons that can destroy 1 main island of The End using only one skill.

There are several levels of damage levels and catastrophic effects of each weapon, so that there are those that provide area damage, there are also those that provide psychological damage, and others.

Note: You can download from the link below this post


These weapons may cause your device to crash and your world to be destroyed, do this at your own risk (I'm Not Joking)

This weapon is intentionally not crafted, this is because for security, so that not all players can use it if you install this addons in realms, you can get every weapon through creative inventory or use /give euf:eow_(name)

To use this skill you can right click on Minecraft Bedrock Windows 10 or hold on Android and IOS, on other devices, how to use it like throwing ender pearls or using a bow

If you have activated a skill and there is no reaction, please wait a moment, this is because your device may not be able to withstand this addons, don't spam skills because it is very risky


- V.1.7 - 

New Weapons: Time Manipulation

- V.1.6 - 

New Weapons: Dimensional Cube, Wither's Wand.

- V.1.5 - 

New Weapons: Earthquake Axe, Ender Wand.

- V.1.4 - 

New Weapons: Infinite Katana, TNT Jump.

- V.1.3 - 

New Weapons: Air Dash, Sky Light Punishment, Soul of Ijen.

- V.1.2  - 

New Weapons: Acid Rain Summoning Wand, Infinite Blow, Ice Walker. 

New Notification Skill: 

- V.1.1 - 

New Particles: Shinigami Scythe, Stone Age Sword, Shadow Knife, Dimension Cutter. 

New Weapons: Tornado Bow, Explosive Bow.

- V.1.0 - 

New Weapons: Hero's Sword, Shinigami Scythe, Water Witch Wand, Earthquake Axe, Stone Age Sword, Inferno Sword, Shadow Knife, Dimension Cutter.


Note: Video preview coming soon!

1. Hero's Sword


This sword has been created with the intention that when a villain is struggling to control the world, then by using only 1 skill of this weapon, all the villain's efforts are destroyed instantly.


Anyone who uses this sword will be blessed with a number of eternal powers and only by using 1 skill can destroy 1 main island of The End. The more the number of entities, the more insane the impact of this sword will be.

2. Shinigami Scythe


This weapon is given to anyone who has died and has a very strong desire for revenge, thus making a contract with the god of death to sacrifice his soul to kill his enemy.


Players who use Shinigami Scythe have the ability to be invisible, also have a deadly aura that can stop the movement of any entity using its unique skill.

3. Water Witch Wand


This weapon was made by the sea kingdoms to defend themselves from land and air kingdom attacks.


Has the ability to create a water dimensional prison and weaken the enemy and provide additional power to the weapon user.

4. Earthquake Axe


It's a weapon that was accidentally made when a king found a rare material.


This weapon is a magic tool that has the ability to emit earthquakes by striking material that resonates with the ground.

5. Tornado Bow


The weapon that the Elf princess had, in the past, before she was finally slaughtered by the human race stone age.


The weapon's unique ability is to emit a giant whirlwind that can destroy anything in its path.

6. Stone Age Sword


It is the first weapon created by mankind and has a curse implanted by magicians thousands of years ago to restore the stone age.


This weapon has the ability to recreate the stone age, the more entities there are, the more powerful this weapon is.

7. Inferno Sword


The weapon that was brought straight from hell and the original owner of this weapon is the demon king army.


This weapon can bring the hell dimension, namely Lava, to the place of this weapon using a skill, the user of this weapon has immunity to fire and will teleport upwards.

8. Shadow Knife


A weapon possessed by an assassin that has the ability to blind the opponent.


The user of this weapon is given the blessing of very high speed, it can also blind the opponent instantly. In addition, it will summon shuriken towards the enemy.

9. Dimension Cutter


This weapon is a future technology that is useful for splitting dimensions.


This weapon has the ability to divide dimensions so that any entity that is within a distance can be brought to the user of this weapon, but this weapon also has a teleportation effect, namely nausea.

10. Explosive Bow


A crazy alchemist put a secret explosive material in this weapon, even more insane, it can emit electricity, but until now, no one knows what material it is, if someone manages to reveal it, then it has the ability to destroy a city.


This weapon has a lethal explosive effect up to a fairly long radius, it can also summon a powerful lightning bolt. Btw, no one should be able to withstand the attacks of this gun explosion, even players who are in creative mode

11. Ice Walker


A strong desire creates an amazing reality, that is what happens, when a traveler falls among the aurora skies, this weapon appears in front of him as a manifestation of his desire to return home.


Ice Walker is a weapon that can give the user the power to create a Packed Ice zone, so the user can use it for personal gain, for example running without a hitch.

12. Infinite Blow


A weapon born from the desire to throw the enemy as high as possible, until they all die without knowing it.


Throw all the enemies around you, as high as possible.

13. Acid Rain Summoning Wand


Have you ever thought about how it feels to poison everyone? why don't you try it by making acid rain, let's make them suffer.


This weapon can summon acid rain that can destroy dropped items, as well as poison the entities affected by the rain.

14. Air Dash


A person who loves fireworks, starts trying things out wondering if he can become one with them? so that we can fly together across the sea of ​​​​sky.


A weapon that has a fireworks mechanism and allows the user to fly and dash or blast a jump through the air.

15. Sky Light Punishment


A weapon sent down by the heavens to punish non-monster living beings for disobeying orders and disobeying their selfish will.


A weapon that shoots multiple arrows at once without any cooldown limits.

16. Soul of Ijen


A blue flame taken straight from the ijen crater.


Blue and black flames that are able to burn whatever is nearby, so strong that even the water will evaporate.

17. Infinite Katana


This sword is the sharpest sword ever forged by humans, so sharp, this sword is able to split, cut, or kill all living things.


This sword has a skill where when used, the user will dash forward while killing the affected entity.

18. TNT Jump


TNT Jump lives up to its name, inspired by jumping using TNT, but with this weapon, you can do better without getting damaged.


You'll be leaping into the sky by a blast from under your back

19. Ender Wand


You don't need to know how Enderman's story could hate humans, if it wasn't for his heart being taken.


A weapon that uses the main core of Enderman's heart, so that it can cast unlimited ender pearls and a very short cooldown.

20. Dimensional Cube


Have you ever imagined there is a cube that can pull all living things?


This is not an ordinary cube, this is a dimensional cube that is able to pull all living things in its area, then drag it and give a fairly large explosion

21. Wither's Wand


So, long ago, Minecraft players used to make grinding Withers, until finally the rarest drop that was between 1 to billions might appear.


This weapon is able to give you super powers that make you have skills like Wither, namely launching Wither Skull.

22. Time Manipulation


What would happen if the time that had passed could be returned.


This weapon can manipulate time in a way that when the user uses his skills, the player and those affected by the skills will return to where they started.


1. Get bullied in life

2. Get the initial story as a super villain

3. Practicing for thousands of years

4. Destroy the World

5. Kill everyone

6. Rule the world

7. Defeated by a naive and weak hero who came late using the power of friendship


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