Crazy Traps V.1.1


Want to trap your friend but it's hard because the trap is easy for your friends to find out? Try this addon, the texture is just like regular blocks so it's hard to find, besides that it has other features such as notification, sound effect, how to survive, trap type, and trap effect!

Designed for you who love to prank your friends, but be careful! Please use them wisely, because these traps have a fairly large area of ​​impact, even some of the traps have a pretty crazy effect. 

If you want to use this for world survival with your friends, it is recommended that you put the blocks as well as possible, because your friend's house can be lost in an instant, so it's better to use this addons in a large enough area.

For now, we just added 5 traps, in the future we will add more crazier traps! 

The trap will be active, if any entity steps on it, for example dropped items, players, monsters, mobs, etc.

Note: You can download from the link below this post


- V.1.1 (Earthquake, Black hole, Creeper Terriory, Sandstorm, TNT)


PREVIEW (Crafting Table Recipe + Traps Impact)

1. Earthquake Turns the surrounding area into a ravine and gives a nausea effect to players within a certain radius. Players who are hit by this trap are at risk of dying if they do not have full health, if there is a cave under the ground that has a lot of monsters, then it's over because it is quite difficult to survive with the nausea effect from falling.

2. Black hole Pulling all entities into the dark, all entities will be affected by the blindness effect, what is dangerous here is that if the trap is not destroyed it will be trapped in a loop, all item drops around the Black hole area will be pulled and lost.

3. Creeper Territory Turning the surrounding area into creeper territory, here the trapped victims will be trapped by the walls and trapped between the creepers.

4. Sandstorm Large amounts of sand will fall on the area, then players within a certain radius will be affected by the mining fatigue effect, making it difficult to get out of the trap and potentially trapped to death.

5. TNT Will summon tnt in the area around and near the entity, giving a slow effect so that players will find it difficult to escape, what is more dangerous than this addon is that if there are more entities around such as animals, monsters, players, dropped items, and others, the number of tnt will increase.


1. Prank your friends using this addons!

2. Trap monsters like zombies, skeletons and more

3. Have fun by destroying the world

4. Can be used to trap Manhunt, so you can trap hunters to slow their attacks

5. There are many other ideas to take advantage of this addon

Why do you have to download this addon?

If you and your friends like to prank each other, then this trap is an addons that is perfect for you, because this trap has a really dangerous effect for survival players.

What kind of file format?

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For Crazy Traps V.1.1 McAddon (57 KB)

How to download?

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How to use it?

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