Barrier Template World


Barrier Template World is a world with a composition of 1 barrier layer as a floor, here the barrier covers a fairly wide area.

we made this, so that those of you who want to make a project about walking on the sky + epic buildings above the sky can enjoy it.

The drawback here is that not all areas have barriers, but the barriers we provide cover a wide area.

Note: You can download from the link below this post


Here you can create a project such as walking on the sky, or other projects that are anti-mainstream, we recommend that you use custom sky too.

Why do you have to download this map?

You need this if you want to create a new crazy project idea.

What kind of file format?

The available format for this file is Template World (.mctemplate), other formats such as McWorld (.mcworld) and Zip are not available because we don't think they are necessary.

What is the size of this file?

The file size is very small only 164.89 KB

How to download?

If you are still confused, especially new to this, you can read this post

How to use it?

Complete guide on how to use it is listed in this post

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