Stone Template World


Stone Template Word is a template with a World concept with a full stone theme, having a height of 256 blocks.

This World template was created for players who like to build giant caves

The main concept of Stone Template Word is for you builders who like to make giant caves up to a depth of 256 blocks, make giant basements, build lakes, and other crazy ideas.

Note: You can download from the link below this post


1.You can make a giant earth cave

2. You can make a large secret basement

3. Besides that, you can also create a super giant lake with a depth of 256 blocks

4. Play around with tnt blast

Why do you have to download this map?

If you like experimenting and crazy enough, please enjoy and spend your madness here.

What kind of file format?

The file format used is the Template World (.mctemplate) only, because other file types are not required

What is the size of this file?

The file size is 410.23 KB

How to download?

If you are still confused, especially new to this, you can read this post

How to use it?

Complete guide on how to use it is listed in this post

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