Fresh Green Biome


Do you not like the color of the withered grass and the color of the marsh? therefore this texture is suitable for you who like a fresh green color, in this texture we change the color of the vanilla grass to be greener, the grass block becomes connected, and the water becomes fresh and clear.

Overall we sacrificed the Color for the swamp and then leveled the color map in the Texture to a fresh green, so you can feel the harmony between grass blocks, grass, plants and trees. In addition, we changed the color of the water to a clearer blue and transparent to make it fresher and also you can see the water further from a distance of 24, which was originally 15 so you can enjoy the ocean even better.


Note: You can download from the link below this post


1. Connected grass block and fresh green biome.

2. Fresher and clearer water, with a new visibility 24 blocks distance.


1. Enjoy fresh green biome

2. Enjoy a new water look

3. This green color is suitable for recording content

Why do you have to download this texture?

If you don't like swampy and vanilla color textures, then this texture is for you

What kind of file format?

This file is in the form of resource packs only but we package it as .McAddon because it really won't be too different from .McPack

What is the size of this file?

For McAddon (50.01 KB)

How to download?

If you are still confused, especially new to this, you can read this post

How to use it?

Complete guide on how to use it is listed in this post

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