We really care about and maintain user privacy, this is because for the sake of convenience, for that here we will reveal the privacy policy as a GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other permissions.

The ad network that we use is Google Adsense which is on the website display and Linkvertise which is on the download link or to opt out of some third party vendors' use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting

We, the EuForia Project, will not sell specific visit data to our website on certain posts or pages, we only need numbers regarding the number of visits to each post or page to measure the quality and interest of our content for future developments.

The data we mean is actually not very important and privacy, which is only cookies for personalizing ads and other purposes that are considered generalized, but some countries require this permission and advertising vendors also ask for a policy on this matter, so we include it here to make it more open to you. .

Thank you for your attention, we care about your privacy because it is also part of our privacy that must be protected.