Easy Ways: How to Cross-play Minecraft Java and Bedrock using GeyserMC

This article will fully and briefly explain how to cross-play Minecraft Java and Bedrock based on my experience using GeyserMC. To make it easier to understand what is needed, here I will divide it into several questions.

Can you cross-play between Minecraft Java and Bedrock?

Yes, you can, but it requires a Minecraft Java server that uses the GeyserMC plugin feature. This plugin will bridge the Minecraft Bedrock player so they can log into the Minecraft Java server. What needs to be considered from using this plugin is that it needs a high specification server to use it, especially on the latest version of Minecraft Java. You can find the complete tutorial on the official website.

I don't have enough cost to host the Minecraft Java server, can I still cross-play?

You can join the Minecraft Java server community using GeyserMC. To find it, you can use keywords in the search engine "Minecraft Java Server GeyserMC".  For example, you can find it at Minecraft-mp.com.

Where are world files, save data, and other information stored? 

This will of course be stored on the Minecraft Java server, so also consider creating your own server or joining a large community and have long term expectations

What are the drawbacks of using cross-play?

Because there are some differences in features and game mechanics between Minecraft Java and Bedrock, some features especially from the Minecraft Java server plugins are not compatible in Minecraft Bedrock client, but if you only intend to play Survival without anything plugins, then the difference in gameplay will not be felt.

I don't have a Minecraft Java account; can I still play using Minecraft Bedrock?

GeyserMC provides a configuration where you can log in via a Minecraft Java account, XBOX, or offline mode.

Can I use Minecraft Bedrock world files on a Minecraft Java server?

You can convert these files with this tutorial. However, the results will not be as good or as compatible as your expectations.

Do you suggest cross-play?

I honestly don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary. This is due to the different versions of the World files that will be stored in Minecraft Java (if you need the Minecraft Bedrock version, you have to convert them). Then the monthly costs that will be incurred will be very large if you host your own Minecraft Java server and exceed the costs of buying Minecraft Bedrock and Java accounts. 

Minecraft now provides Minecraft Java and Bedrock purchase plans. If you are constrained by differences in devices. then just use Minecraft Bedrock which provides a cross-play feature on various devices.

Any questions?

You can ask me on the Discord server or join directly with the GeyserMC community.