Pro Guides: Best Spigot Minecraft Java Plugins for Creative Servers


This tutorial is based on the experience of the author, EuForia AlHaQ in developing Minecraft Creative servers for many years.

The plugins I got were from publications on the Spigot forum, but this plugin can also be used on other Spigot forks such as Paper. 

It's time I gave my collections so that those of you who need them can learn faster. I know you don't want to waste your time, so I'll make it as simple, clear, and important as possible.

I think this article will be updated if I find a good plugin to add.

Btw, my Minecraft Creative server version is 1.12.2 and there are plugins that are not updated to the latest version now, so please read the wiki for each of the plugins.

Category: Creation

Useful plugins as a tool to speed up and simplify the build process. The plugins here have a high degree of compatibility for flexible world creation, for example schematic and maps can support various other servers and support converting to Minecraft Bedrock.

Category: Creation Additional

The plugins here are good as additional, but the creation plugins like Better Heads and Craft Flowers are not supported for use on other servers that don't use the plugin and can't be converted to Minecraft Bedrock, I haven't tried it for rendering or 3d models but I don't think it will. support.

Category: System Configuration

Plugins that work as a system and are required for Creative server customization.

Category: World Management

For the world management system where this will relate to where the build data is stored

Category: Protection and Security

Preventative protection that may be useful to contain crimes that usually occur on Minecraft Creative servers